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To Kill A King - (3 x 60) BBC

Fake or Fortune x 7 Series (4x60) BBC

Abba Forever - A Celebration (1x60) PBS/ BBC

Dying for a Degree (1x30) BBC

Victoria and Albert: The Wedding (1x90) BBC (2x60) PBS (5.1)

Jane Austen: Behind Closed Doors (1x60) BBC

Concorde – A Supersonic Story (1x60 + 1x30) BBC

Artist in a Landscape (1x30) – Mike Pitts

Britain in Focus: A Photographic History (3x60) BBC

Sound of Musicals with Neil Brand (3x60) BBC

The Somme 1916: From Both Sides of the Wire (3x60)

The Juilliard Experiment (1x90) – Mark Kidel

The Brontes at the BBC (1x60) BBC

Wastemen (3x60 series) BBC

Love and Betrayal in India: The White Mughal (1x90)

Britain’s Tudor Treasure: A Night At Hampton Court (1x90) BBC

Ballrooms and Ballerinas: Dance at the BBC (1x90) BBC

Knights of Classic Drama at at the BBC (1x60) BBC

Britain’s Outlaws : Highwaymen, Pirates & Rogues (3x60) BBC

Timeshift: The Engine That Powers the World (1x60) - BBC

Timeshift: Battle for the Himalayas: The Fight to Film Everest (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: How Britain Won the Space Race (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: Looking for Mr Bond: 007 At the BBC (1x60)  BBC

Timeshift: The People’s Liners: Britain’s Lost Pleasure Fleets (1x60)  BBC

Timeshift: Spicing Up Britain: How Eating Out Went Exotic (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: The Nation’s Railway: The Golden Age of British Rail (1x60) BBC



War of Words: Soldier-Poets of the Somme (1x90) BBC

Return to Betjemanland (1x90) BBC

Castles: Britain’s Fortified History (3x60) BBC

The Home That 2 Built (3x60) BBC

The Real History of Science Fiction (4x60) BBC

The First Georgians: The Germans Kings Who Made Britain (3x60) BBC

The Poet Who Loved the War: Ivor Gurney (1x60)

Timeshift: Bullseyes and Beer – When Darts Hit Britain (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: Mods, Rockers and Bank Holiday Mayhem (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: Killer Storms and Cruel Winters: The History of Extreme Weather in Britain (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: How To Be Sherlock Holmes (1x60)  BBC

Timeshift: Hurricanes and Heatwaves (1x60) BBC



Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage, Death (3x60 series) BBC

MR James : Ghost Writer (1x60) BBC

Shipwrecks: Britain’s Sunken History (3x60) BBC

A Very British Murder with Lucy Worsley (3x60) BBC

Sound of Cinema: The Music That Made the Movices (3x60) BBC

Tomorrow’s Worlds: An Unearthly History of Science Fiction (3x60) BBC

Treasures of the Louvre (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: The Ladybird Books Story: The Bugs That Got Britain Reading (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: The Joy of Sets: The Model Railway Story(1x60) BBC

Timeshift: A Day At the Zoo (1x60) – BBC

Timeshift: Bouffants, Beehives and Bobs: The Hairdos that Made Britain (1x60) – BBC

Timeshift: When Coal Was King (1x60) – BBC

Timeshift: Full Throttle : The Glory Days of British Motorbikes (1x60) – BBC

Timeshift: How To Be A Lady: An Elegant HIstory (1x60) – BBC

Timeshift: Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting (1x60) – BBC

Timeshift: Eyes Down: The Story of Bingo (1x60) – BBC



Bush Pilots (5x60 series)

A History of Wall paper (1x60) BBC

Horror Europa with Mark Gatiss (1x60) BBC

The Strange Case of the Law (1x60) BBC

History of Now: The Story of the Noughties (3x60)

Timeshift: When Wrestling Was Golden: Grapples, Grunts and Grannies (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: The British Army of the Rhine (1x60) – BBC

Timeshift: Klezmer (1x60) – BBC

Timeshift: The Golden Age of the British Sports Car  (1x60) – BBC

Timeshift: Health Before the NHS (1x60) – BBC

Timeshift: The Rules of Drinking (1x60) – BBC

Timeshift: The Smoking Years  (1x60) – BBC



Timeshift: Hotel Deluxe (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: Epic: A Cast of Thousands! (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: The Golden Age of Trams (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: Antarctica: Of Ice and Men (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: Dear Censor: The Secret Archive of the BBFC (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: The Picture Postcard World of Nigel Walmsley (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: When the Circus Comes to Town (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: Crime & Punishment (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: Re-Trial by Television: The Rise and Fall of Rough Justice (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: The Modern Age of Coach Travel (1x60) BBC



Rude Britannia (3x60 series) BBC

A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss (3x60 series) BBC

Timeshift: When Britain Went Wild (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: Bread: A Loaf Affair (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: Italian Noir (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: 1960: Year of the North (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: The North on a Plate (1x60) BBC




Imagine: Placido Domingo: My Greatest Roles (1x60) BBC

Imagine: Joan Sutherland: My Greatest Roles (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: Clement Freud : In His Own Words (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: The Golden Age of Liners (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: Farm to Pharma: The Rise and Rise of Food Science (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: Oliver Postgate: A Life in Small Films (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: How To Win At Chess (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: The Men Who Built The Liners (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: The North South Divide (1x60) BBC

Timeshift: Fashion Versus the BBC (1x60) BBC

World Cup Stories (6x60) – BBC

The Edwardian Larder (4x30) – BBC

‘Til The Boys Come Home (3x60) - ITV


2007 – 2011

Ice Road Truckers (10x50 series) Channel 4

Victoria Cross Heroes (3x60) BBC

The Sinking of the Titanic (1x60) Channel 5

Britain’s Greatest Prime Minister (1x60) BBC

Owls in the orchard (1x10) BBC NHU

Robins in Eden (1x10) BBC NHU

Natural Neighbours (4x10) BBC NHU

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