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Deadly Dinosaurs with Steve Backshall (10x30series) CBBC

Wild and Weird (16x15)  CBBC

Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures (40 x 25 series) CBeebies

Wolfblood Uncovered (10x25) CBBC

Andy’s Wild Adventures (25 x25 series) CBeebies

Deadly Pole to Pole (26x30) – CBBC

Deadly 360 (10x30) CBBC

Barney’s Latin America (10x30) CBBC

Sam and Mark’s Guide to Dodging Disasters (10x30) CBBC

Deadly 60 (72 x 25 x 3 series) BBC

Natural Born Hunters (10x30) CBBC

Wild About Animals (10x30) CBBC

All About Animals (10x30) CBBC

Big Cook, Little Cook (10x20) CBeebies

Monkey Makes (10x15) Channel 5

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