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Various services from ADR and dialogue editing to full audio post. Recent productions include:

Valhalla (ADR)

Club Zero

Echo - Short - Full Audio Post

Blind Spot

Wicked Little Letters (Feature)

Standing By

Fifteen Love

Great Expectations - BBC (ADR)

Death in Paradise (ADR)

Full Monty series (Disney) (ADR)

Sex Education Series 4 (ADR)

The English (BBC) (ADR)

Walking Dead (ADR)

Crime series 2 (ADR)

I Hate Suzie Too (ADR)

A Small Light (ADR)

The Outlaws 2 (BBC) (ADR)


Chemistry of Death (ADR)

Ted Lasso (ADR)

The Long Shadow (ADR)

Fear The Invsible Man - Feature - Full post

The Crown (ADR)

Spy (ADR)

Picard (CBS) (ADR)

Wormeater (ADR)

His Dark Materials 3 (ADR)

Tinkertown (ADR

Ridley (ADR)

Ackley Bridge (ADR)

Pennyworth ((ADR)

London Kills (ADR)

Sanditon 3 (ADR)

Top Boy (Netfilx) (ADR)

Downton Abbey 2 (A New Era):

Theatrical Release (ADR)

Show Trial (BBC)

Sanditon 2 (ADR)

Seagull (Short)

Snowpiercer (Netflix) (ADR)

The Trick (BBC TV Movie)

The Outlaws (BBC)

Das Boot (ADR)

The Tourist (BBC) (ADR)

The Chelsea detective (BBC) (ADR)

Shetland (BBC) (ADR)

Canterville Ghost (ADR) (BBC)

Grantchester (ADR)

Agatha Raisin (Xmas Special + Series 4)

Infinite Storm (Feature)

Earwig (Feature)

The Nevers (ADR)

Baptiste 2 (ADR)

Viewpoint (ADR)

The Spanish Princess 2 (Starz US) (ADR)

Unforgotten (ADR)

Bloodlands (ADR)

The Ballad of Billy McCrae (Feature) :

Cymru Films - Full Audio Post

Bait (Feature) Early Day Films:

Mix minus music for BFI

Sideshow (Feature) - Sterling Pictures:

Full Audio Post

Madness In the Method (Feature) Various:

Full Audio Post

Vera - ITV (ADR)

Tales of Arcadia (Voice Record)

Outlander (Netflix) (ADR)

Spinning Out (ADR)

Neverknock (Sci-Fi) (ADR)

Sanditon (ADR)

The Crown (ADR)

Criminal (ADR)

A Confession (ADR

Victoria (ITV)

The Spanish Princess (Starz US) (ADR)

Ups and Downs (ADR)
Medici : Masters of Florence (Netflix) (ADR)

Delicious (ADR)
No Offence (Channel 4) (ADR)

Ill Behaviour (ADR)
Teachers (Channel 4) (ADR)

Troll Hunters (ADR)

Robot Chicken (Voices)
Game of Thrones (Sky Atlantic) (ADR)
Arthur Christmas

(Feature, Aardman Animation) (ADR)
McFly – Lies (Promo)
A Very English Scandal (BBC1) (ADR)
Happy Birthday, Toby Simpson (Feature)

Skins (Channel 4) (ADR)

Race Across America (Dreamsports)

Tooth Fairy (Feature)

Kismet Bureau (Short Film, BDH Films)

Little Face (Short FIlm, Matthew Walker)

The Juilliard Experiment

(Feature Doc, Mark Kidel)

DugOut (Feature Doc, Benjamin Sadd)

Neverknock (Feature)

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