Co-producers (WNET, Animal Planet, BBC WW) not listed



Natural World – Super Powered Eagles  - BBC NHU (1x60)

Natural World – Meet The Bears  - BBC NHU (1x60)

Natural World – My Pet Octopus  – BBC NHU/ Passion Pictures (1x60)

Blue Planet UK – BBC NHU (5 x 45)

Natural World – Wicked Weasels  - BBC NHU (1x60)

Natural World – Florida: America’s Animal Paradise - BBC NHU (1x60)




Natural World  - Humpback Whales : A Detective Story - Gripping Films / BBC NHU (1x60)

Age of the Big Cats – Ammonite films for Curiosity Stream (3 x60)

Natural World – The Super Squirrels (1x60) - BBC NHU

Swans – Mystery of the Missing (1x60) - WWT

Natural World – Pangolins – The World’s Most Wanted Animal (1x60) - BBC NHU

Deadly Dinosaurs (8x30) - CBBC

Natural World – Super Fast Falcons (1x60) - BBC NHU

Natural World – Nature’s Biggest Beasts (1x60) - BBC NHU

Natural World – Jaguars: Brazil’s Super Cats (1x60) - BBC NHU



Natural World - Extreme Animal Weapons (1x60) – BBC NHU

The Lake District: A Wild Year (1x60) – BBC

Natural World – Nature’s Perfect Partners (1x60) – BBC NHU

Garden in the Sky – (8x30) – Mike Pitts for Earthtouch

Yellowstone: Wildest Winter to Blazing Summer (3x60) - BBC NHU

Natural World – Nature’s Miniature Miracles (1x60) -  BBC NHU

Natural World – Super Charged Otters (1x60) – BBC NHU

Natural World – Cheetahs: Growing Up Fast – BBC NHU



ONE SHOW NHU Inserts – (2010 – 2016)

Natural World – My Congo (1x60) – BBC NHU

Earth’s Great Seasons (4x60) – BBC NHU

Natural World – Nature’s Perfect Partners (1x60) – BBC NHU

Life in the Snow (1x60) – BBC NHU

Natural World – Super Powered Owls (1x60) – BBC NHU

Nature’s Epic Journeys (3x60) – BBC NHU

Life in the Air (3x60) – BBC NHU

Natural World – Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice(1x60) – BBC NHU

Earth’s Greatest Spectacles (3x60) BBC NHU

Amazing Animal Babies (3x60) BBC NHU



Natural World – Galapagos: Islands of Change (1x60) – BBC NHU

Natural World – Mountain Lions: Big Cats in High Places (1x60) – BBC NHU

Earth’s Wildest Waters: The Big Fish (6x60) – BBC NHU

Natural World – Growing Up Wild (1x60) – BBC NHU

Harvest (2x60) – BBC NHU

Natural World – Attenborough’s Fabulous Frogs (1x60) – BBC NHU

This Wild Life (10x30) – BBC NHU

Animal Super Parents (3x60)

Nature’s Greatest Dancers (3x60) BBC NHU

Super Cute Animals (3x60)



Natural World – Nature’s Misfits (1x60) BBC NHU – EMMY AWARD WINNER

Natural World – Vultures: Beauty in the Beast (1x60) – BBC NHU

Monkey Planet (3x60) BBC NHU

Natural World – Queen of the Savannah (1x60) BBC NHU

Tigers About the House (4x60 series)

Hive Alive (2x60) – BBC NHU



Natural World – Killer Whales: Beneath the Surface (1x60) – BBC NHU – MSSOURI WINNER

Wild Arabia (3x60) BBC NHU – RTS AWARD WINNER

Natural World – The Mating Game  (1x60) – BBC NHU

Wild Burma: Nature’s Lost Kingdom (3x60) BBC NHU

Natural World – Flight of the Rhino (1x60) – BBC NHU

Natural World – Giant Otters of the Amazon (1x60) – BBC NHU

Natural World – Bear With A Bounty (1x60) – BBC NHU



Natural World – Attenborough’s Ark: Natural World Special (1x60) – BBC NHU

Natural World – Madagascar, Lemurs and Spies (1x60) – BBC NHU

Natural World – Queen of the Savannah (1x60) BBC NHU

Natural World – Zambezi (1x60) BBC NHU

Nature’s Weirdest Events (2x60) BBC

The Dark: Nature’s Nighttime World (3x60) BBC

Secrets of our Living Planet (4x60) BBC

Great Barrier Reef (3x60 series) BBC NHU

Land of the Lost Wolves (3x60) BBC NHU



Natural World – Attenborough & The Giant Egg (1x60) – BBC NHU

Natural World – Animal House (1x60) – BBC NHU

Natural World – Heligan : Secrets of the Lost Gardens (1x60) – BBC NHU

Madagascar (3x60 series) BBC NHU Foley artist/ record



Springwatch Christmas Special (1x60) BBC

Springwatch inserts – BBC NHU

Lost Land of the Tiger (3x60) BBC NHU

Halcyon River Diaries (4x60) Halcyon Media for BBC

Halcyon River Diaries  Christmas Special (1x60) Halcyon Media for BBC


Pre 2010 selection


Natural World – A Farm for the Future (1x60) - BBC NHU

Jimmy and the Honey Hunters (1x60) - BBC NHU

Fossil Detectives (3x60) - BBC NHU

Natural World – Wildwoods (1x60) BBC NHU

A Wild Spring Day (1x60) - BBC NHU

A Wild Summer Day (1x60) - BBC NHU

A Wild Autumn Day (1x60) - BBC NHU

A Wild Winter Day (1x60) - BBC NHU

Natural World – Naabi: Hyena Princess (1x60) – BBC NHU

Predators Prey (8x30) – BBC NHU

Too Close for Comfort (4x15) – BBC NHU

Animal Battlegrounds (3x60) – BBC NHU

Natural World: Saving Our Seabirds – BBC NHU

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